Evanix Speed Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle .22 cal



There's no competition for the Evanix Speed PCP air rifle. It stands alone at the top of the air gun pack. Shoot game, pests, spinners, paper targets...just about anything. And, do it in rapid succession!

From the magnificent stock to the smooth repeating action to the great accuracy...this rifle will impress you, your friends...and even your dog!

Technical Information


Muzzle Velocity up to 1,050 fps (320 m/s) in .22 cal
Muzzle Energy up to 45 ft-lbs (61 J.) in .22 cal
Barrel length 19 inch (483 mm)
Overall length 42 inch (1,067 mm)
Weight 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg)
Action semi-auto with electric drive
Safety manual
Trigger single stage
Stock ambidextrous thumbhole with adjustable butt-pad
Effective shots 35 without change in POI at 50 meters
Max recommended working pressure 3,000 PSI (207 Bar)
Magazine capacity 10 rounds, rotary
Open sights none
Scope rail 11 mm dove-tail rail