AirForce Texan .45cal PCP Air Rifle



With the ability to launch .45 caliber projectiles at over 1000 feet per second and generating energy levels of over 500 foot pounds, the Texan™ takes its place as the world’s most powerful production air rifle. Easy to load and simple to use, this Big Bore air rifle will let you focus on hunting with the knowledge you have enough power to get the job done.

Technical Information
Muzzle Velocity up to 1,000 fps (305 m/s) with round ball
Muzzle Energy up to 500 ft-lbs (677.9 J.) with 405grain slug
Barrel length 34 inches (864 mm)
Overall length 38.75 inch (1,219 mm)
Weight 7.65 lbs (3.5 kg)
Action side-lever
Safety automatic
Trigger two stage adjustable (for position)
Stock ambidextrous
Full power shots 3 at max power
Max shots per fill over 12
Max recommended working pressure 3000 PSI (207 Bar)
Power adjustable
Magazine capacity single-shot
Open sights none
Scope rail 11 mm dove-tail