Sam Yang BigBore 909 .45cal Dual-Tank PCP Air Rifle



The Big Bore 909 Dual-Tank precharged pneumatic air rifle is affordable, accurate and powerful. With a wide range of pistol bullet shapes and weights available, this rifle becomes a very versatile hunter for small- and medium-size game. Like all Sam Yang rifles, the bluing is deep and rich. The stockwork is perfectly executed, and the action is reliable. Of course, none of this matters unless the gun is accurate...and it IS! It reliably and repeatedly puts shot after shot exactly where you want it. Hunt, whatever you like. The Big Bore 909 Dual-Tank is up to the task!

Technical Information


Muzzle Velocity up to 700 fps ( m/s)
Muzzle Energy up to 185 ft-lbs (251 J.)
Barrel length 21.6 inch (550 mm)
Overall length 42.1 inch (1070 mm)
Weight 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)
Action Bolt
Safety manual
Trigger two stage adjustable
Stock ambidextrous
Full power shots 10 with not change in POI at 50 meters
Useful shot 16
Max recommended working pressure 3000 PSI (207 Bar)
Power adjustable (2 stage)
Magazine capacity single shot
Open sights post and ramp
Scope rail 11 mm removable dove-tail rail